Oman issues 2,700 investor residency cards issued to date


Oman’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion (MoCIIP) have issued over 2,700 investor resident cards as part of their investor residency scheme.

The Sultanates investor residency programme offers foreign investors and retirees the opportunity to obtain long-term residence for a duration of either 5 or 10 years with the possibility of renewal. To apply for an investor residency card, interested individuals can submit their applications through the official website.

Investors who successfully obtain an investor residence card enjoy several benefits. These include the right to own a property outside the Integrated Tourism Complexes (ITC) for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. The ownership of this property is transferable to others, except for prohibited lands restricted to non-Omanis. These advantages apply specifically to the first category of investors under the programme. Similarly, investors under the first category are granted the right to reside with their immediate family members without any limitation on the number of family members or age restrictions.

Individuals holding an investor residency card are entitled to numerous advantages. These include access to dedicated counters at airports and ports, which ensures a streamlined arrival and departure process. Additionally, investor residency card holders can engage in economic activities or work within Oman without the need for a sponsor to obtain a private work visa. These privileges provide convenience and flexibility for investors in pursuing their activities and maintaining their lifestyle in Oman.

Furthermore, investors can take advantage of the investment opportunity explorer section of the platform’s website to gain access to investment opportunities across various sectors. These sectors include logistics, manufacturing, education, technology, information technology, health and economy, mining, fisheries, renewable energy, agricultural wealth and tourism.

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